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Our dedicated educators recognize the vital significance of fostering effective teacher-parent communication. We wholeheartedly encourage you to share any pertinent details about your child, allowing us to provide them with optimal care. We maintain a parent bulletin board within each classroom with valuable updates on classroom interests, noteworthy news, and schedules. Parents are warmly invited to arrange conferences with their child's teacher or the center's supervisor whenever desired. Your valuable input, ideas, and suggestions are always embraced and highly appreciated.


At Third Street Child Care Centres, we use Kindertales to help tell the story of your child’s development. With daily activity updates, developmental milestones reports and communications from your teacher, you can stay more informed than ever before. 

Choose How to Stay in Touch
Real-time updates keep parents connected with their children all day on mobile, desktop & tablet.

Attendance Manager
Request additional days in care or note an upcoming absence from desktop or mobile.

Online Account Management
Parents can complete all sign-up forms and arrange payments online, safely and securely.

Milestone Reports
Keep parents informed of their child’s development with progress updates and photos.

Notifications and Messaging
Keep parents informed and engaged with app notifications and email marketing.

Secure Streaming Video for Childcare

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ZOOMiN Live is our free streaming video service that allows you to observe your children at play in their classroom through a secure, password-enabled system.

By utilizing ZOOMiN Live, you can witness how your children interact with others, providing you with conversation topics they may not mention on their own. It also enables you and the teacher to discuss matters related to your child's development and offers an opportunity to involve other family members in your child's growth.

To get started and enjoy these benefits, speak to the center's Supervisor to inquire about registration.

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